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Body Wisdom Retreat 2024: Welcome

Awaken to Wholeness

Body Wisdom Retreat 

Women's Wellness Retreat

Heal & Renew in Turkey on September 9th -15th 2024.

I'm excited to be hosting again at the beautiful Yenice Vadi resort in the Turkish Countryside

with my Body Wisdom Retreat.

Are you exhausted with trying to manage your busy life?

Have you had time to cope with the challenges and grief in your life?

Do you have persistent pain or health concerns?

Do you ever have time to yourself to enjoy what you want to do?

Are you ready to take your power back let go of unhealthy beliefs and move into a more powerful healing state?

If so, this retreat is for you.

Experience a calmer mind, disconnect from your busy life and re-connect to the inner wisdom of your Mind and Body.

Reflect & Connect to your Best Self

Nikki Hillhouse is an experienced  Mind Detox Practitioner and Meditation Teacher.

With a vast knowledge of holistic therapies and techniques.

Using techniques that can ultimately change your life and give you peace with your mind and body.

Nikki has helped people heal, anxiety, depression, chronic health conditions.

Confidence issues, weight problems & stop smoking.

Sharing a powerful Meditation Technique that helps your body heal and stay healthy.

Give yourself the Space and Time to Nurture your Mind & Body.

Relax & Reset at this Beautiful Retreat,

Soothing away any stress and tension in healing nature.

Leave with a new sense of Freedom & Peace.

You will feel supported, heard and understood.

Instead of focusing on a to do list focus on a "to be" list.

Happy, Calm, Peaceful, Positive & Loving.

You will leave with Techniques to bring Peace, Harmony, Calm & Contentment within

your mind, body & life, enhancing your overall well being.

Free yourself from limitations and step into your brightest future.

Return to innate wellness'

Upon securing a place, I would like to  gift you a Mind Detox session .

(Mind detox helps to resolve the root cause of health conditions and persistent problems)

Prices from £1345 for shared room

£1495 for single occupancy

Body Wisdom Retreat 2024: Text
Body Wisdom Retreat 2024: Text
Body Wisdom Retreat 2024: Text

What's included at the retreat:

Daily Yoga.

Daily home grown nutritious, healthy vegetarian meals.

Fresh organic produce is used and grown in the gardens here.

Afternoon tea, with a choice of fresh coffee,traditional turkish cay( tea) 

Homemade cakes and pastries made daily. 

Daily sessions with Nikki.

Boat trip around the Aegean sea, includes a barbeque lunch

Talk on the healing benefits of Reiki and crystal healing.

Reiki/Crystal healing & Chakra attunement session with Angie.

6 nights luxury accommodation located within a quiet Turkish valley.

walk in the mountain paths with the goats:-)

Optional afternoon shopping in the beautiful Turkish village Akyaka. 

Last evening Barbeque.

Pick up to and from venue.


Additional treatments:

Including spa treatments

Hammam £50 

Massage (average cost £50/£60)

Alcoholic beverages & soft drinks.

Flight and Travel Insurance.

Fly into either Bodrum or Dalaman.

Venue is held at Yenice Vadi in Mugla.

Extra's to paid at venue upon leaving.

The retreat offers a unique opportunity to step out of the daily hectic pace

to Recover and Restore.

Check in and support once the Retreat has ended.

Prices from £1345 for shared room

£1495 for single occupancy

Body Wisdom Retreat 2024: Image
Image by William Farlow

Body Wisdom

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Meet your host

Hi I'm Nikki  an experienced Mind Detox Practitioner and Meditation Teacher with a vast knowledge of holistic therapies and techniques.

After experiencing years of ill health following a stroke and finding no relief from medications prescribed by doctors. I took charge of my own well-being and became the CEO of my own health.

I then embarked on a personal wellness journey.

I now shares simple yet profound meditation technique's that played

a pivotal role in my own healing process for both my body and mind.

Body Wisdom Retreat 2024: Feature

Body Calm

Overthinking can lead to stress and struggle.This can spill over into your body and cause poor health.You will learn a meditation technique that can help you to have a healthier relationship with your body.

You will :

Heal faster 

Improve sleep

Reduce stress

Have More loving relationships

Feel more calm and confident

This simple and easy technique helped me to heal my relationship

with my Body and Mind.

This meditation is not like traditional spiritual techniques

that many people find complicated.

Here, easy language and concepts are used

all related to our day to day life experiences.

Body Calm is a powerful meditation technique that help your body heal and stay healthy. This transformational technique gives your body the rest that it needs to recover and stay healthy while  bringing about greater harmony

within your heart mind, body and soul.

"Rest is best and harmony heals"

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Body Wisdom Retreat 2024: Image
Woman in Corn Field
Body Wisdom Retreat 2024: Image

Rediscover Yourself

Body Wisdom Retreat in Turkey will be a truly unforgettable experience.

From the moment you arrive, you will feel welcome and at home.

You are surrounded by the serene beauty of the landscape, with its rolling hills and picturesque valley.

The valley is surrounded by an abundance of trees including pine, almond, olives and fruit trees, all of which attract a wonderful range of wildlife including birds, boars, squirrels, hares, tortoises and goats.

The retreat centre itself is a haven of tranquility, relax in your beautiful and well-appointed room that provides the perfect space for relaxation and reflection.

Wake up to the sounds of birdsong, enjoy peaceful evenings on the verandas.

Throughout your stay, you can immerse yourself in activities that help you to connect with your inner self and find a sense of inner peace.

Whether you take part in meditations, practise yoga in the beautiful Shala or simply enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding countryside, you will feel a deep sense of calm and contentment.

Feel heart connection, BE in nature, eat healthy nutritious food.

The food at the retreat centre is grown on the grounds, organic ingredients expertly prepared by the skilled chefs,  The flavours and aromas of the fresh, wholesome food are the perfect complement to the overall atmosphere of health and wellness that permeate the retreat.

You will discover the stunning Turkish Turquoise Coast, with a boat trip around the Aegean Sea, enjoy a delicious healthy lunch on board​, whilst relaxing and watching the stillness of the crystal clear waters.

Connecting and meditating in the warmth of the sun.

Perhaps most importantly, the retreat in Turkey will give you the space and time you need to reflect on your life and your goals. Away from the distractions and stresses of daily life, you are able to focus on what truly matters to you, and to set intentions for the future that will guide you as you move forward.

You will feel taken care of and supported, have no work or busy schedules to follow, 

just time for You.

You will learn a simple meditation technique that can heal your relationship with your body.

All in all, the retreat in Turkey will be an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.

It provides the perfect combination of relaxation, rejuvenation, and personal growth, and will leave you feeling refreshed, inspired

Knowing that you will have be equipped with the tools  to take with you on your life's journey.

From the moment you arrive, you will feel welcome and at home in the safe hands of English owners, Merrill and Gordon at Yeneci Vadi.

all your needs will be taken care of.

Your host Nikki will be there to support you throughout your stay.

Prices start from £1345 for a shared room and £1495 for a single room.

Body Wisdom Retreat 2024: Text
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Body Wisdom Retreat 2024: Services
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Body Wisdom Retreat 2024: Services

Meet Reiki Master Angie

When I was a small child, growing up on the North East coast of England I often visited an old lady, she was a sweet, loving and gentle Romany Gypsy. She told me I had healing hands and taught me all about karma (cause and effect), chakra’s, palmistry, tapping into the universal energy, spiritual healing, feeling people’s energy (aura’s),  crystals, angels, the power of thought, the power of good intent, (like attracts like) and much much more.

I couldn’t get enough of her and soaked up all her wise words and knowledge.

Over the past 10 years I have been gaining more qualifications in complementary therapies so I can carry on following my true path so I can continue sharing my knowledge and skills with others, I want to continue to learn more so I can give more.

All my life I have taken Centabelle’s principals with me, used hands on healing on my children

close family and friends.

Reiki master Angie will be joining us to share her vast knowledge of Reiki, Chakra balancing and Crystal healing.

There will be an opportunity to receive treatments with Angie.

"The Power of Touch is Very Theraputic to the Mind, Body & Soul"

Body Wisdom Retreat 2024: About

You will leave Body Wisdom Retreat

Image by Fuu J

Radiant and Relaxed.

Rejuvenated in Body, Mind & Spirit.

Know how to be more present, have direct connection to your inner wisdom and guidance.

Friends Relaxing on Grass

Made new friendships and memories.

You will have a deeper sense of Peace and Calm.

Have greater Clarity and Confidence.


Have a renewed sense of who YOU are.

A rekindled energy and excitement about your life and have

the ability to deal with all of life as it unfolds.

You will take away valuable tools you can use anytime, anywhere.

Body Wisdom Retreat 2024: Testimonials
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Body Wisdom Retreat 2024: Schedule

Day 1

Welcome Meeting & Introductions 3.30 pm

Time to explore the venue

meet again  for a welcome drink at 6.30 pm 

followed by dinner

Day 2 Yoga

8.15 am - 9.30 am

10 am

 Meet with Nikki @ 11 am 

Free time

Afternoon Tea 2 pm

Meet with Nikki @ 4 pm

Dinner 7 pm

Day 3
Meet with Nikki @11 am
Free time for hamam and relaxation.
Learn the benefits of Reiki and crystal healing  with Angie @ 4  pm

Day 4 Boat trip

Day 5

Meet with Nikki @11am

Free time

Reiki sessions with Angie.

Optional  Walk with goats @1pm

Day 6

Meet with Nikki @ 11 am

Free time

Optional trip to Akyaka to explore the beautiful village and beach, with some  souvenir shopping.

Barbeque where we connect and share our last evening together.

Day 7

Farewell breakfast until we meet again next year.

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Body Wisdom Retreat 2024: Testimonials
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Body Wisdom Retreat 2024: Testimonials


Choose your Beautiful room, Cottage or Treehouse.

Waking up with the feeling of being above the clouds in the scent of pine, leaping barefoot

into the lap of nature, and mingling with the one’s inner voice and animals roaming freely

will give you the feeling of being reborn.

Your accommodation, with all the time-appropriate comfort.

In this place of organic agriculture, you can collect whatever you want from the greenhouses

and ask the chef to make you a fresh meal with the ingredients.

Make friends with the rescue animals.

yeneci jacuzzi_edited.jpg

Bespoke room

Deluxe King Room with Jacuzzi bath & Fireplace.

This room has a unique view where you will witness every colour of nature, you will relieve all your stress and fatigue while using your Jacuzzi.

Price for this room for 6 nights is £1575 single occupancy.

Shared £1425 p/p

jacuzzi room_edited.jpg

Deluxe room

Deluxe King Room with Jacuzzi, In this room with a unique view where you will witness every colour of nature, you will relieve all your stress and fatigue while using your big round Jacuzzi.

Single Occupancy £1,575

Shared £1,425 p/p

Body Wisdom Retreat 2024: Products
Body Wisdom Retreat 2024: Services

Baby Treehouse

The Baby Treehouse is a perfect way to enjoy a little luxury and be surrounded by nature.

With its 2 balconies, you can relax with an early morning cup of tea, enjoying the view of the pool and gardens, listening to the sound of the squirrels and birds in the branches around you.

Your own private jacuzzi is waiting for you on the side balcony, so settle back with a glass of wine and enjoy a spot of stargazing.

This spacious treehouse offers a queen-sized bed, en-suite shower room, a fridge and tea and coffee making facilities.

The room has air-conditioning as well as central heating and with its stone-built log fire it offers an unforgettable retreat experience.

6 nights stay £1775 single occupancy.

Shared couple p/p £1525.


Deluxe room with Terrace

The Deluxe Room with Terrace promises you a great stay with view of breathtaking sunrises of all colours.

The room on the ground floor in the main building has a big sitting area perfect for pleasant conversations for every hour of the day.

Price for 6 nights £1,495 single occupancy.

Shared couple £1,345 p/p


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yeneci room 2_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Body Wisdom Retreat 2024: Services

Double room

Standard Double Room, This standard double room has a balcony, which enables you to wake up to a beautiful mountain view every morning.

This double room also has a big couch, which can be transformed into a bed for a third person.

Single Occupancy £1575

Shared £1425

double room_edited_edited.jpg
Body Wisdom Retreat 2024: Image

The standard twin room has a mountain view, wide sitting area, and a big balcony.

The wide room has two big standard single beds and a couch, which can be transformed into a bed for a third person.

Single Occupancy £1575

Shared price is £1425 p/p

single room_edited.jpg
Body Wisdom Retreat 2024: Team Members

Deluxe Room with Fireplace

Single occupancy £1575

Shared room £1425

yeneci fireplace room 1_edited.jpg

Deluxe en suite room.
With its silence and magnificent view.
This double room also has a couch, which can be transformed into a bed for a third person.

yeneci fireplace room 2_edited.jpg

With Fireplace for cosy evenings.
Magnificent views from the large balcony.
Your en suite room has a refrigerator and a tea and coffee maker for you to use whenever you want.

Body Wisdom Retreat 2024: Services

Stone Cottage

Stone House Yenice, The houses on the hillside with a magnificent view of the valley, surrounded by a beautiful view of almond and pine trees, offer you a quite vacation within nature away from stress and traffic.

These two secluded neighbouring country houses have a living area with fireplace, underfloor heating, a fully equipped kitchen,outdoor private Jacuzzi.

One double bed and a single sofa bed.

Price for 6 nights £1775 per person

 shared £1525 p/p

2 cottages available

cottage sofa_edited.jpg
cottage kitchen_edited.jpg
cottage bed_edited.jpg
Body Wisdom Retreat 2024: Team Members
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Arrange a clarity call to discuss further

Secure a place with a Deposit of £395

(non refundable) Deposit  

Payment in instalments available.

Please reach out with any questions about more payments options.

Body Wisdom Retreat 2024: Projects
akyaka boat trip.jpg

Reflections Retreat 2023

Body Wisdom Retreat 2024: Welcome
view lake 2.jpg
Body Wisdom Retreat 2024: Welcome

In Mandy's own words

Body Wisdom Retreat 2024: Video
Body Wisdom Retreat 2024: Video
magnificent 7_edited.jpg

A message from guests:

I am so grateful for the invaluable insights and tools I gained attending Nikki’s well-being retreat.

The retreat was structured yet informal and flexible so there were plenty of hours to relax on the terrace!  

All those I spoke to during the retreat described wanting to continue using the mind calm techniques we had been taught during the retreat.

I would certainly recommend the programme Nikki teaches to anybody who may be trying to bring peace, order, healing or space into their life.

The setting for this retreat is a beautiful and authentic facility consisting of  hotel and grounds which have been painstakingly constructed mainly with materials that the land on which it stands has offered. 

The small team who run it seem relentlessly dedicated to ensuring that guests feel cared for, regardless of the duration or nature of their stay. 

Whilst at the retreat I was lucky enough to observe a wedding celebration take place in the extensive grounds. The staff seemed to really enjoy taking personal pride in going the extra mile for all those wedding guests!

Much of the food we were served during our stay was  grown on the grounds. The variety and flavour of dishes that the chefs created for us each day was outstanding. I eagerly await Nikki’s next retreat in this incredible place.

Thank you Nikki!

Jag (uk)

We had a wonderful experience at the wellness retreat organised and hosted by Nikki and the team at Yenice Vadi. The venue was fabulous, it was calm, relaxing and full of ambience whilst it was newly created it was full of old worldly charm.  The food was great and the staff were friendly and attentive nothing being too much trouble.

The range of retreat activities created a balance of physical and mental involvement and free time for reflection and relaxation.

At the end what made the whole experience great were the people on the course.  We couldn't have asked for a nicer group and we would happily spend time with them in the future.  The group size was perfect and many thanks to Nikki for bringing this all together.

Angela and Phil Samways (France)

Body Wisdom Retreat 2024: Text
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